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Most business owners don’t wake up in the morning thinking

“I need to change my business phone system”. It does its job of making and receiving calls – so why would you change it? The fact is that just like every other piece of technology, the capabilities of that little black box with the handset and buttons that sits neatly on nearly every office desk has now evolved. It now carries a range of up-to-date software specifically designed to improve your business efficiency and reduce cost.

Business Phones

To work at your best, you need the right tools. That includes your telephone.  Every business phone system we supply is different, and includes different phones.  For example estate agents find that a standard handset is perfect. On the other hand for customers who run a warehouse, cordless phones give them more freedom, whilst our call centre customers would choose from our range of headsets. Whatever your needs, we’ll find a business phone that’s right for you.

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Voicemail is one of those features that has come a long way since the days of the answering machine. You’d be forgiven for thinking that every Voicemail system just did the same thing.  Today’s voicemail offers a range of extra features that allows your business to respond to the needs of your users with greater flexibility.

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Call Recording

Today’s systems have the capability to record every incoming or outgoing call. Call recording enables you to use your business phone system to clarify orders, to coach and improve employee performance and resolve disputes by listening to every call your business makes or receives. If you are using call recording, be aware of the UK call recording laws which govern its use.

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Call Reporting

Call reporting provides you with a range of insightful information which can change the way you use your business phone systems.  See whether your calls are going to the right place by looking at how many calls are being transferred.  You can also check for bottlenecks by seeing how many missed calls are going to each number and who is answering the most calls. These insights are allowing our customers to work smarter with their business phone system

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On Hold Messages

On Hold Messages allows you to create a great impression with callers and customers by making full use of those times when a customer is placed on hold.  This can be critical as recent research shows that over 80% of callers who hang-up never call back. That’s a lot of business to gain just by using on hold messages.

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Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables your phone system to work with your computer to improve call handling and customer service.  Look-up colleague availability before trying to call them, see incoming caller information and have existing customer data appear on screen as they call; all thanks to CTI.

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Phone System Installation

We know that when you upgrade your business phone systems, it’s because you want to enjoy all of the features we’ve talked about above quickly and without interruption.  We install our system in a day, usually alongside your existing system before switching it over, leaving you with no interruption to your business.

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Phone System Maintenace

If you find a problem you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll speak to a member of our support team based at our head office in Bournemouth.  They solve 80% of issues over the phone, but if they can’t then we have highly qualified engineers all over the country to reach you quickly to help fix the issue.

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