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Improve accuracy with call recording

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Call recording allows you to record every inbound and outbound call in your business. This means that you can use your business phone system to improve employee performance by coaching, clarify orders and solve any potential disputes, all by listening back to the individual call involved.

Rather than note taking, you can also send a call recording to the intended recipient if they’ve not been able to take the call.

Call Recording: What are smarter businesses doing?

Order confirmation

You can be sure of the details of every order taken by listening back to them at your convenience. To give an example, this is particularly useful in the case of disputes, as you can refer to the call recording to confirm the order and any quantities involved.

Employee and service improvement

Call recording improves your ability to train your staff by reviewing calls alongside them. Customer service teams find this feature particularly useful, as they can provide feedback and suggest better ways to assist customers. In short, Call recording helps you to improve staff performance and efficiency.


The best way to resolve a dispute is to listen back to what has been said in the first place. Call recording is a great way to resolve any disputes. Using Call Recording, you can fulfil queries correctly, first time round which results in happier customers.

Note taking

Rather than note taking, call recording lets you send an entire call by attaching an audio file to ensure accuracy and that the recipient receives the message intended for them.

Call Recording laws (UK)

In order to use call recording legally, you need to ensure that your company is doing the following:

  • Delivering a pre-recorded message on your Auto Attendant (e.g. “Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes”);
  • Publicising that you use call recording on a page on your website. This can be done by adding it to the Privacy Policy;
  • If you are using e-mail messaging, add a note in your disclaimer or footer about using call recording;
  • In a company brochure, stating that you may record incoming calls.

If you have all of the above in place, then you can be assured that you are using call recording in a law abiding way.
It is also worth noting that if you are in an FCA regulated industry, you will need to be using call recording in order to be comply with their regulations.


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