Call Reporting

Improve business performance

Act on missed calls with Call Reporting

Call reporting provides useful data to improve your business’ performance. Whether it’s looking at the duration of sales teams’ calls or providing the contact details of all of your missed calls, call reporting has the ability to significantly improve results.

Viewing call reports enables any business to manage and analyse all aspects of incoming and outgoing phone calls and gain valuable insight. Using this information will ensure more informed and smarter business decisions.

How do smarter businesses use call reporting?

Campaign reporting

Campaign Reporting is for those businesses that use specific or dedicated telephone numbers for customer service, sales enquires or marketing campaigns; call reporting software provides vital information to measure incoming calls. This information can then be displayed ‘live’ using wallboards to provide real-time information. You can then visualise which campaigns or telephone numbers are working well and which need further consideration.

Understanding call flow

In one simple to follow report you can see the flow of business calls. How many calls are transferred to colleagues? How many calls are placed on-hold? Which colleagues take the majority of calls throughout a day? All vital pieces of information, which once you see and understand can help you set rules and automate call flows. So the caller speaks to the right person first time, every time.

On Hold Messages

Your company could be missing out on opportunities to promote itself to incoming callers. Call Reporting will demonstrate how many callers are being placed on hold, enabling you to make the right decision about whether your current on-hold practices are suitable for your business.

Call back report

One of call reporting’s most unique features is the call back report. You can look back over a period where you may have been out of the office, such as the weekend, to see if you have missed any calls. If you have, the phone number will be captured for you to return the call to see if there is a business opportunity.

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