Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Personally greet all callers with Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) helps you to improve customer service and call handling by having your computer linked with your phone system.

CTI includes features you’ll already be familiar with, such as the phone number appearing on screen as the phone rings, and some new features, such as the caller’s database information being shown if they are a customer.

Computer Telephony Integration: What are smarter businesses doing?

Caller identification

You are probably familiar with how a contact’s name will appear on your mobile’s screen when they call you, but Computer Telephony Integration takes this idea a step further. With our CTI, when a client calls your office, their phone number will still appear but your screen, but the system will also look up that number on your CRM database. It will then display the company’s record so that you can see what products or services they have purchased and any outstanding support tickets.

If the caller is a new customer, the computer will search Google for relevant information on who they are, their company name and location so that you can create a memorable impression from the moment you answer the phone.

Availability checker

When you need to speak to a colleague, why waste time trying to speak to them if they’re not available? “Presence”, which is part of our Computer Telephony Integration software, allows you to see if a colleague is at their desk before you try to ring them.

Setting up CTI

As part of our onsite installation our engineers will configure your Computer Telephony Integration for you and give you hands on training to show you how it works. With no downtime in the switchover process, it couldn’t be easier to start using CTI in your business.

Benefits of CTI

Computer Telephony Integration is about giving smarter customer service. Whether it’s knowing information about a potential client before they share it with you, or the reassurance that comes from knowing about a customer’s last support issue, CTI will help improve the way you do business.

  • Create a lasting first impression
  • Have information on potential customers as they call in
  • Be better informed before speaking to a customer
  • Reduce time wasted trying to call unavailable colleagues

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