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Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t thought about upgrading your office phones recently, but it’s one of the quickest ways to make your business smarter.

With our business phone systems you can choose from a full range of office phones, from the leading suppliers in the industry such as Samsung. As part of our service, we’ll help you choose the right phone system for your business.

Which office phones are smarter businesses choosing?


Our handsets are designed to be easy to use which means we’ll be reducing your training needs as staff will only need to be shown the system once. The display will allow you to see the number of the incoming call, which is just one of a number of benefits our systems provide. Our handsets have been used by a wide range of companies, large and small, who are desk based for the majority of their working hours.

Cordless handsets

Cordless handsets provide a roaming capability for your phone system when you need to be on the move. They are ideal for people that may be away from their desks but still want to answer their calls. We frequently see companies in manufacturing using cordless handsets as they may prefer to walk into departments whilst continuing a call in order to keep their customers on the phone


For companies who experience higher call volumes and whose staff need to enter information whilst on the phone, we offer a selection of high-end headsets. The most typical use of headsets are in call centres and customer services teams who need to be able to type quickly whilst being on the phone.

Which is the right business phone for me?

Choosing the right office phone for your company mostly depends on what type of business you are. If people in your company are desk based then a standard business phone will meet your needs. Call centres and companies experiencing large call volumes are far more likely to need a headset so they can be hands-free to input data whilst on the phone. Our solutions team are specialists in matching the right phone with the right company.

Can I have various office phones?

Absolutely, 100%. We work with a range of companies where their receptionists have headsets, managers have cordless phones and the majority of the company has a handset. We’ll build the phone system to suit your business needs.

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