Voicemail Solutions

Receive Voicemail messages wherever you are

Voicemail is probably the part of the business phone system you are most familiar with, but there have been huge advances that make voicemail far more useful to your business life.

The new features include e-mail notifications, so you can receive voicemail messages within an e-mail message.  You can also redirect a caller using call forwarding if you would sooner have them speak to a colleague than leave you a message. Welcome messages are also a part of our voicemail service; these help you create a long lasting impression on any incoming call.

Voicemail: What are smarter businesses doing?

E-mail notification

These days being connected to your business and customer, whilst on the move, is a huge priority. Our voicemail system delivers messages to you by e-mail, meaning that you can listen on the move and return the call.

Call forwarding

If you’d prefer to have incoming calls speak to a person rather than leave you a voicemail, our system includes call forwarding to either an internal or external number.

Welcome messages

Having a well created welcome message can help you create a long lasting first impression. Using welcome messages, which is included as part of our voicemail feature, allows you to present a professional message to welcome any incoming calls.

What Impact Can Voicemail Have?

  • Deliver better customer service by responding to voicemail faster
  • Improve relationships by forwarding calls where needed
  • Create a better first impression with welcome messages