Case Studies

Ascot The Tailors

Ascot the Tailors have been our customers for 2 years and previously had a phone system provided by BT. In this case study we hear from their Directors, John Styles, Laura Gatehouse and Guy Littlefield about their experiences since opting for a Pioneer business phone system.

Laura began by explaining the situation they were in before moving over to Pioneer, “Before we were with BT, we were very much a number, with no customer preferential treatment and they just don’t know who you are.”

John added, “With BT there was just a very, very slow response time; it would take two to three weeks to have a new line put in.  It stifled how you would want to do business, whereas with 4Com, quite literally you’ll be on the phone and within about 10 minutes they’ll have told me when things are going to happen and who’s going to do it.

Laura has also been impressed with the support here.  She explained, “They’ll say, oh yes I spoke to you about that last week. They’ll pick up things that you spoke about, so it’s almost like having your own personal IT team on hand when you need them.

John was particularly glowing about one member of our team in particular. “When I have a problem I call Matt Lucas, easy as that.  The service at 4Com is by far the best we have ever experienced.  Any issue is no problem at all, they will go away, look at it and invariably fix it on the day. It’s very, very quick and very, very good.”

Jamie Marston, a newer member of the team at Ascot commented, “When I joined Ascot they had some lines upgraded from BT which seemed to be quite painful, but even moving premises when we had swapped over to 4Com was just hassle-free. People turned up on time when they said they would turn up and did the job.  After we moved we just needed to change a couple of the voicemail bits, and the chap just dialled in and did it remotely. It was just seamless.

John also praised the setup of the company, “Whatever goes on behind the scenes works extremely well. I’ve had no problems with service and even the internet now is consistent whereas before with BT it would go down once a month.”

In terms of features, Ascot use Call Recording extensively, as John explained, “Call Recording is there in the background for us in case we need to go back over any calls to confirm details or if we have a discrepancy in ordering at some point. It’s one of those things that gives you peace of mind.”

Laura continued, “We also use Call Recording for training purposes, so if we’re doing lots of cold calls out to new customers it’s really good for us to be able to play that call back to the trainee and pick up maybe how that could be improved or what was good about that call.

Laura was also impressed with the Computer Telephony Integration software, “Even if you don’t know what you’re doing it’s very easy to use as the icons are just there and they are very self-explanatory.