Case Studies

Gilt Edged Promotions

Gilt Edged Promotions are a leading promotional company based in Northampton, with approximately 2,500 customers across the UK.
Jonathon Cook, Managing Director of Gilt Edged Promotions, explained his company’s decision to upgrade their business phone system, “We wanted to change our business phone system because we couldn’t monitor the amount of phone calls our sales team made. For us, as a sales focused organisation, we are working something of a ratio game, if we make the right amount of phone calls, we know we will generate the right amount of business.

The impact on our day-to-day business is great, particularly for our sales team. From now, they are able to achieve a certain amount of phone calls that we ask them to do. We’re able to monitor and ensure that they are on track every minute of the day, which is great- especially for our Sales Manager, whose motivation is ensure they make those phone calls and make sure that the ratio is in play. We also have the option to forward calls when we are out of the office, which has made life a lot easier now for us.

The 4Sight screen dialling system has been superb. The efficiencies we’ve noticed in the business have been great. We’re able to able to access it straight from the screen which passed the number directly to the handset. With incoming calls, the screen shows you exactly who is on the call and also the extensions, so you are able to use your own time more efficiently and know what your colleagues are up to. It’s a great feature, and we think it gives us the edge over our competitors.