Case Studies

Jeremy France Jewellers

Jeremy France Jewellers is a family-run jewellery retailer based in Winchester. With a team of jewellery designers, goldsmiths and sales assistants, it is an award-winning jeweller with an international following. Their onsite state-of-the-art workshop offers both in-house repairs and handmade commissions.

Jeremy France, Managing Director, explains why he decided to upgrade their business phone system to the new HiHi device, “I think the HiHi device is actually beautifully designed. It’s a lovely piece of equipment to use and it means that our staff can look at it and actually be intuitive in how they use it.”

Jeremy decided to upgrade his phone system with Pioneer Business Systems midway through his contract. He explains below why he wanted to stay with us, and what parts of the phone system he finds most important,

“Customer service is absolutely paramount to us, and the reason that we upgraded is that Pioneer Business Systems have always looked after us, even the slightest problem they’re a phone call away, so for us it was a fairly obvious choice to stay with them. What we needed with the upgrade was so that we could have more efficiency.

Call Reporting is important to us as it takes us a good hour to open up the shop in the morning, if the phone rings it goes straight to an answerphone message. For us it’s vital to see that number, so that we can give them a quick call back and help them.”