Case Studies

Kestrel Alarms

Kestrel Alarms are a security solutions company based in Horsham, Sussex, Kestrel’s Managing Director, Hugo Sanderson, explains how they came to be a Pioneer customer and their initial experiences with us, “I had seen e-mails from Pioneer and decided to invite them in to give me a quotation. That was a very good decision for me because I saved a lot of money within the first year. Within a month I halved my expenditure on mobiles, so the entire package of 15 phones was half of what it was before.

Our phone system is now linked to our database, which links any customer telephone activity with their files and records. When somebody calls in, their records come up straight away, so we’re immediately into their details without any wasted time. This means that we can get into actual facts, as opposed to going away finding out some more details and then having to make another phone call. We can see who has been to see a client last, so when they call in we try to connect them with that particular engineer as they will have familiarity with their situation.

Engineer Ben Valentine, gave an example of their old operation and the way they now work with a Pioneer business phone system, “The way it used to work, the girls used to have to take the number down and we would try and call them back, but sometimes they wouldn’t answer as they didn’t know it was us, so it’s great to just get straight through to them now. Essentially, issues can now be resolved over the phone, which is great for the customer if they need to speak to someone straight away rather than waiting for us to finish something and get back to them.”

Kestrel also make good use to the call recording software, as Hugo explains, “If a financial situation were to arise with an invoice where a price had been quoted on the telephone but then everyone had forgotten about it, then we can head straight back to the recording, you can play it back to them and explain that this is what was quoted to them on the phone. We should state that we do take the customer off of call recording if we were taking payment information.

Susan Goldsmith, Kestrel’s Systems Manager, has also been impressed with the CTI platform that comes as standard with our phone systems. She explains, “There’s a lovely 4Sight (CTI) set up where you can message each other, very casually, just to ask them if they could please call someone which then means it’s there for them when they come back from lunch, or it can save you from having to shout across the office and disturb everyone. It’s a really quick way of getting in touch with someone if you’re not sure if they’re available.

Hugo has also been impressed with the support provided, “The beauty of our system here is that a Pioneer engineer can dial into our system, take control and fix an issue without coming out which is valuable to me.”

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