Case Studies

LMC Nationwide

LMC Nationwide are a car leasing company based in Farnham, specialising in contract hire and PCP of vehicles across the UK.

Roger Thatcher, their Director, explained what they were looking for when they began their search for a new phone system. “We wanted to reduce our call charges and we also wanted a system that would allow for remote working, call analysis and wallboard facilities for our call centre environment.”

The Wallboards allow us to see what each individual is doing performance wise and, more importantly, allows them to see how they are doing in comparison to one another which is good motivation for them.”

Lorne Mitchener, an Account Executive, detailed why Call Recording is such an important part of their system. “The FCA says that what we do in our job has to be legal, decent, honest and truthful. If we have an incident anywhere down the line where the FCA, who are our major governing body, want to do anything, we can quite clearly show by both visual records and call recording that we’ve done everything right. I had a customer who was convinced that had leased a car over 18 months but all the recordings clearly demonstrated that he had agreed to a 24 month contract. Having a call recording makes it very easy to say “hold on, here’s the file, this is what the conversation was” so it makes life very easy.

Roger also discussed the advantages of remote working, which is enabled by their new phone system. “We actually have someone off sick today, but he’s not too bad so he’s quite happily working from home. We can have people using their mobile phones which are all licensed to work seamlessly with the system. The customer doesn’t know any different, so it helps us to provide a great service to them. Using presence we can also see that their online, who they’re talking to or if they’re available, which again helps us keep providing a great service. “