Case Studies

Number 8 Group

The Number 8 Group is a specialist construction industry recruitment agency that fills job vacancies for many of the tier one and two construction contractors in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Group Operations Director, Peter Hart, explained why they choose a Pioneer Business Phone System, “When considering our telecommunications system we needed to ensure we could continue to deliver a first class service to our customers. Our previous supplier was BT and we were frustrated at the poor customer service we were receiving. We decided to look at alternatives and eventually chose Pioneer Business Systems because they could meet our high standards in an efficient and economical way.

The sales consultant was very straight down the line, which is something that we like at the Number 8 Group. He managed to keep within our budget and give us a superior telecoms platform. Once the new system was installed, it was very apparent we would be able to work smarter with the computer integration within our IT network.

The best thing is if anything goes wrong, we are not calling an overseas helpline as we have a named customer service person here in the UK, which is brilliant. We really have confidence in Pioneer Business Systems and they deliver a great service, importantly we feel valued as a customer, which is exactly how we want to make our customers feel..

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