Case Studies

Jon Brambles Estate Agents

Jon Brambles is a multiple site Estate Agency with locations in Newark and Grantham, the latter of which opened in 2014.

Having been a customer of ours for over 7 years they were well versed in the suite of software we can provide and when it came time to review their telecoms they wanted to ensure the two offices could communicate seamlessly and effortlessly.  They also had one eye on expanding the business further, which is one of the reasons why they turned to HiHi.  They recognised that HiHi would make them future proof and facilitate their needs.

Having looked into the HiHi system they discovered that its suite of software and range of capabilities could save their company money in the long term.  They have particularly enjoyed the CTI feature which allows them to greet their customers in a more personal and professional manner.

They have also found that their clients enjoy using video calling as it allows them to create a more meaningful relationship.  They explain that their customers like to be able to see who they are speaking to and have found that this creates and increased level of trust.