What is CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) & How Does It Benefit Small Businesses?

By Matt Watts

10 years ago

What Is CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)?

As the name suggests, CTI allows for your computer to work in injunction with your phone system, creating a number of business improving benefits such as Call Logging, Google integration and One Click Calling. As with the video above, we’ll now show how CTI, which is a standard part of our business phone system, can benefit your business.

Call Logging

Missed calls often equates to missed revenues or decreased customer satisfaction, but with Call Logging you can see every person that has called your business, whether you were able to take the call or not.  If somebody calls your business out of hours you’ll see their information and be able to return their call, creating a better impression of your business for both new and existing customers.

Google Integration

Information is crucial in delivering great customer service, and with CTI enabling Google integration you’ll get the information you need.  When you receive a call the callers information will be looked up on Google, allowing you to see where they are, whether they are an organisation or an individual and other details which can be found on Google.  This allows you the option of how you greet the customer and who answers their call.

One Click Calling

One Click Calling is the most time-saving element of CTI.  You can click any number your see on your computer screen, whether it’s in your Customer Relationship Management system, a phone number on a website or a number on your own contacts database.  The business phone system will then dial the selected number with one simple click of your mouse.

These are just some of the features of our CTI, which is included as standard in our Business Phone System.  Be sure to keep an eye out for our future posts for more features of CTI as well as more information about each of the benefits listed above.

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