Introducing… Captain Call Dare!

By Matt Watts

10 years ago

We know that office phone calls aren’t exactly the most exciting part of your day. Let’s be honest, they can sometimes be heavy with cliché’s and conversations about nothing in particular, so they’re not exactly something that fills you with excitement. Because we’re believers in all things business phone system related, we looked at this situation and decided that these calls needn’t be dull or boring!

Introducing… Captain Call Dare! The Captain is here to set you various challenges throughout an office phone call, all with one simple objective: to make your office phone calls more interesting! The game contains over 80 of the most commonly talked about office conversations as well as some more challenging quotes.  The task? Dare to complete as many challenges as you can during your call!

When you’ve finished the call, just press end game to see your score and share it with your friends to discover who is the most daring amongst you.

Introducing...Captain Call Date

Good luck!