How do I know if my business systems are up to date?

By Matt Watts

10 years ago


In a business world which is increasingly dominated by technological advancements, staying up with the latest developments can be tricky.  Unless a change, advancement or development is trumpeted then it can pass us by all too easily and we can find ourselves not using all the tools at our disposal.  This is particularly true in the communications industry; nearly everyone’s attention is turned towards the ever-escalating arms race in mobile, whilst the traditional desktop phone has received little in the way of attention.  This is understandable of course, the desk phone’s basic function hasn’t dramatically changed in recent years in the way mobiles have, but at the same time there have been a number of application advancements which have added a lot of value to a modern business phone system. Here are just a few of the more recent additions:

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

CTI is one of the major improvements in business phone systems.  It allows you to see a far greater level of detail about the people who are calling you as it ties in with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  It also works with Google, meaning that it will display any available information on the caller, such as their business name and address via Google Maps.

Call Recording

We tend to refer to this as the “Marmite” of the telephone world; some love it, some hate it. What’s undeniable though is that it provides a reliable record of what’s been said, which can be invaluable for customer service and quality checking.  It be also be useful in the event of a dispute, as you listen to the call via your computer or send the recording on to someone else.


Wallboards provide you with real-time information about all manner of call statistics.  If you’re in a sales environment, you can see who is taking the most inbound calls, how long calls are waiting to be answered and call duration.  We use these throughout our own offices to increase the visibility of how we’re doing as a business in terms of meeting our own targets on call answer times.

So, to answer our initial question, how you know if your systems are up to date?  Obviously, every company is different in its needs, but we’d suggest that if your phone system doesn’t have the above features, then you may be interested in modernising your phone system.  To find out how we can help with that, at no extra cost, please contact us.