Phone System Options

Use your telecom system to its full potential with our phone system options

To get even more out of your business phone system, we offer a range of phone system options. These range from Business Mobiles, where we can usually beat your existing contract by 30%, to non-geographic numbers which give your business a national appearance.

As the name suggests, you can take as many of these options as you like, and they are only available when purchased with your business phone system.

Which phone system options are smarter businesses choosing?

Non Geographic Numbers

You’ve probably used Non Geographic Numbers a lot, without ever knowing it; these are the 0800, 0845 and 03 numbers, which give your company a national appearance wherever you are based. Non Geographic numbers can also enable you to track the performance of individual marketing campaigns by assigning a unique number to it.

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Business Wallboards

Business wallboards provide greater visibility of business performance statistics, such as sales, pending support tickets and call volumes. Many companies use wallboards to display latest company financial performance, such as sales figures, or performance versus a weekly/monthly target. For businesses with high call volume, the amount of time spent on phone calls, or how long you are  taking to answer calls can be displayed on wallboards. You can also use wallboards to display the latest company news and information across your business.

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Business Mobile Phones

With business increasingly happening on the move, having the right mobile for you is crucial to success. We have a wide selection of the latest business mobiles, which means we can the right mobile to suit your needs. Thanks to our partner agreements, we can usually save you 30% versus what you are currently paying on your business mobile contracts.

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Business Broadband

Business broadband is one of the key components of any business’ telecoms system. We offer a range of broadband speeds to suit the needs of your business, including high-speed fibre connections.

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