Non Geographic Phone Numbers

Enhance your brand with distinctive and unique Non Geographic Phone Numbers

You probably come across Non Geographic Numbers (NGNs) every day without realising it- these are the 0800, 0845 and 03 numbers businesses use to give themselves a national appearance and accurately monitor the amount of calls they generate from their marketing campaigns.

How do smarter businesses use Non Geographic Numbers?

[service title=”Memorable phone numbers” icon=”memorable-icon”]
One of the fun ways people use Non Geographic Numbers is by creating easily memorable numbers to help in marketing efforts. You may have heard TV or Radio advertising with a phone number presented in a musical piece; this has usually been made possible with Non Geographic Numbers.[/service]

[service title=”Unique numbers for marketing campaigns” icon=”unique-icon”]You can use Non Geographic Numbers to accurately report which of your campaigns is performing the best. Assign each campaign a unique number (it only needs to have 1 number different) and you’ll be able to produce reports showing which produced more inbound calls. We can also supply you with geographic numbers to make you appear local to your target market. For example, if you were running a London based campaign, a number starting 020 would help you appear local to that audience [/service]
[service title=”Non Geographic numbers regulation” icon=”call-recording-laws-icon” cta_1_link=”#callback”]You need to be aware of the recent changes to UK Regulation relating to Non-geographic numbers. In 2014, the law changed to forbid the use of premium rate non-geographic numbers (such as 084, 087 or 09) for any type of after sales support or service. Whilst you can still use these numbers, you must ensure that the caller pays no more than a local, or basic, rate for the call. The most straightforward way of adhering to this change is to provide a local rate number, such as those starting with 01, 02 or 03 for these type of calls.[/service]
[service title=”Are Non-Geographic Numbers part of the business phone systems package?” icon=”question-icon”]These numbers are extras to our phone systems, so these won’t be included as standard with the package we provide. If you would like them, please let your sales consultant know and they will be happy to advise you.[/service]


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