Improve employee engagement with business Wallboards

Business Wallboards allow you to display key information across your business in order to improve motivation, performance and visibility of targets.

Wallboards have proven particularly popular in sales and maintenance departments, where information visibility is crucial.

How do smarter businesses use business Wallboards?

Wallboards in sales environments

If your business needs to create a more competitive sales environment then wallboards would be a perfect addition. Our wallboards display latest sales figures such as; who has answered the most inbound enquiries, who is converting at the highest rate and what revenue is each person responsible for. This clarity helps to identify your top performers and create healthy competition in your teams.

Wallboards in support and maintenance

Another great application for wallboards is in your support and maintenance teams. Providing visibility of high priority issues, and their deadlines, can ensure that the most important issues are dealt with promptly. You can also ensure improved staff performance by displaying performance figures such as who is answering the most calls and who has handled the most issues over a given time frame.

General office Wallboards

If your company has periodic targets, having Wallboards throughout your building is a great way of providing details of how you are doing against these goals. You can also display call answer times to see where the critical parts of your organisation are, and display your organisations latest news updates.

What Impact Can Business Wallboards Have?

  • Improve competition by seeing live statistics
  • Improve commitment by increasing ownership of results
  • Improve motivation by letting people see how they contribute
  • Improve morale by making your business more open