The new Pioneer Business Systems Website

By Matt Watts

9 years ago

You may well have noticed that our Pioneer Business Systems website has changed quite considerably from what it was just over 2 months ago.  To bring you up to speed with our new site, we’ve put together this brief blog to highlight what we’ve changed, and more importantly, why we’ve done it.

New Navigation

There have been a lot of changes from our old website, many of which came about because we wanted to make the site far easier for you to use.  That’s why we’ve added a side navigation and reworked the drop down menus. Our research showed people preferred being able to swiftly move between pages which were related and on the same level, which is why the side navigation has been implemented.  Similarly, we found that users wanted as few clicks as possible, which made the drop down navigation an important element.

New Structure

One of the most important changes we’ve made is that we have made it clearer what we do and how we can help businesses: by providing a new state of the art phone business phone system from within your current telecoms spending. The old site grouped everything under “Services” whereas now you’ll notice we have two main sections; “Business Phone Systems” and “Phone System Options”.  You’ll know that we pride ourselves on delivering a feature rich business phone system with no upfront cost, so it made sense to house these features under the heading of “Business Phone Systems”, rather than “Services” as was the case on the previous website.

Within “Phone System Options” you’ll find the helpful extras that we also provide, such as Mobile Phones, Non-Geographic Numbers and Business Wallboards. Again, we wanted to separate this out from the “Business Phone Systems” section to make the distinction clear between what you receive as standard and the extras that you can choose if you need them.

New Design

When thinking about our new site, one of the key things we wanted to do was get more of our personality in the design.  Throughout the site you’ll see us using animation and delivering a stronger sense of our brand than we had previously.  We’ve also created icons to represent each feature and its benefits; which means you can see the benefits that apply to multiple features.

Responsive Design

If we’re being honest, mobile site traffic still accounts for less than 15% of our overall website visitors, but the interesting thing here is that this number is double what it was 12 months ago.  With that in mind we’ve moved to provide a much improved mobile experience. We now have a responsive design, which means you’ll receive the same content, but it is presented in a better format and with touch screen friendly navigation to help you get around the site.

What’s next?

Whilst we’re delighted to have this site up and running, we’ve got a lot planned to continue making it more useful for both new and existing customers alike. We’re in the process of producing further content, such as how-to videos to help you get the most from your business phone system, and we’re constantly trialling new features on the site to see if they improve user experience.

If you have ideas you’d like to see on our site, please share them in the comments section below.