How should you pay for a business phone system? The importance of having capital where you need it

By Matt Watts

10 years ago

One of the most frequently cited problems of businesses in the SME sector is their lack of working capital to spend on projects which need significant investment to move their business forward.

We’ve seen this problem first hand countless times; it’s one of the most frequently cited reasons why people tend to avoid updating their phone system, which is perhaps why we’ve come across some phone systems that are over a decade old! People tend to believe that new systems mean an initial capital outlay, perhaps through experience of buying new mobiles or computers, but business phone systems can be done in a different way…

What’s the alternative?

We’ve built our business phone systems to enable SME businesses to upgrade their phone system without needing to use capital to do so.  The model is relatively straightforward; because we believe we can offer you better rates on your phone calls and phone lines, we’re happy to absorb costs into these savings.  The result is that you get a brand new phone system with all the latest features, such as call recording, on-hold marketing and computer telephony integration with no capital expenditure.

If you’re looking to improve your phone system and the people you’re talking to are looking for an upfront payment, we’d be happy to provide you with an alternative.  Please contact us for more information.

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