Say Hello to HiHi

Welcome to HiHi, the UK's premier video-enabled business phone. HiHi is an innovative product with a high definition touchscreen display which is simple and intuitive to navigate.

  • The UK's premier video-enabled business phone
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Range of helpful software
  • All at little or no extra cost
HiHi Phone
HiHi Phone

Intuitive Interface

Every element of HiHi has been designed with your experience as the focal point. Your favourites are easily accessed from the home screen, making it faster to call your most-used contacts. HiHi's phone book also lets you search by name or number, both internally or externally to your business.

Hassle-Free Communications

The team at HiHi have taken their years of industry experience and used it to create the easiest-to-use business phone in the market. Tasks such as transferring a call and holding a conference call are simplified and intuitive.

The scrolling function on your voicemail messages also lets you recap the key parts, without having to listen to the whole message again. It's all designed to make your business communications, faster and simpler..

HiHi Phone
HiHi Phone

Simple Installation Process

As with any great technology, we know you'll want to start using HiHi as soon as you can and we've designed our install process with that in mind.

You'll receive your HiHi devices within 3 days, allowing you to experience them first hand whilst we take care of the transfer of your services in the background, without disturbing you or disrupting your business.